Hiring Filipino Teachers in vietnam 2023

Home-based Online English Teacher in Vietnam

Who is phiEnglish?

Phienglish is a 1-on-1 online English learning service, we connect Vietnamese students with Filipino teachers.

Phienglish was born in 2019 with the goal of making speaking English easier. Phienglish’s 1-on-1 online English learning solution helps students learn English anywhere, at low cost with a team of quality and dedicated Filipino teachers. Phienglish’s mission is to help Vietnamese people speak English more easily.

What are the requirements to become a teacher in Phienglish?

If you have the following qualifications and requirements, you can start your teaching journey today!

Basic Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Proficiency in speaking the English language with a neutral accent
  • A valid diploma or proof of graduation, NBI clearance, and a government-issued ID
  • Experience in teaching English to young learners or foreigners (ESL/EFL) is an advantage.
  • A teaching certificate like TESOL, TEFL, etc. or a professional teacher’s license is preferred.
  • Having an IELTS certificate is a plus.


  • Availability to teach during peak hours (each lesson lasts 30 – 55 minutes):
  • You can choose the teaching schedule: 6 am – 21pm Vietnam time.
  • You can actively choose the time.


  • A desktop or laptop
  • A headset with an extended microphone and noise-cancelling features
  • A high-definition (HD) external or integrated webcam (with at least 720p resolution)
  • A wired or wireless Internet connection of at least 5 Mbps

Online English Teacher Responsibilities

  • Preparing and delivering lessons to improve students’ reading, writing, and conversing skills
  • Developing educational content such as notes and quizzes.
  • Assigning activities to facilitate students’ consolidation of learning material
  • Tailoring your teaching style in accordance with students’ needs
  • Managing interpersonal dynamics to ensure that the class is conducive to learning
  • Tracking and reporting on students’ progress.
  • Remaining up-to-date with our learning software
  • Always on time and responsible for teaching.

Teaching Environment

  • A quiet, clutter-free, and well-lit space in your home with a plain white background
  • Teaching on skype or Google meet.

Recruiting Filipino teachers to teach English online.


If you want to join us. Please send your CV, certificates, diplomas and a short video introducing your skills to email: phienglish.com@gmail.com

Or Notify us by registration form